Copyright by Nature

There is no discussion. All products of Happy Coco are 100% Copyright by Nature. We exist by nature’s grace and her abundance makes Happy Coco possible. We are thankful and amazed by natures gifts and try to honour it with our best effort in making it available in its pure form.

Because we know that however much we try to shape things to our liking, nature always has the upper hand. She is the original. The mother of all existing forms, tastes, colours and smells. All our products are made on the basis of this knowledge and gratitude. Our goal as Happy Coco team is to keep the original free form unnatural additives and pass it on as pure as possible.

This is why it goes without saying our products are Certified Organic and Fair Trade. As much as we can we try to support the best conditions for man and nature alike. Part of this is a project for the conservation of forests by promoting biodiversity, so that plants and animals can thrive in their natural habitat.